Achieving 2,000% Gains In Todays Market

December 10, 2016
By: Dudley Pierce Baker

Contrary to the performance of gold, silver and mining shares, this was a great week in the markets for me and for those subscribers following me.

Our objective is to be involved with companies which have the opportunity to deliver 500%, 1000%, 2000% gains or more, either by owning the common shares or the stock warrants on those companies.

My Gold and Lifetime Subscribers get to see everything that I own and what I do basically in real time.

So what happened this week?

I want to share with you two actually examples of our gains and performance.

First is Northern Dynasty Minerals, TSX:NDM, which closed at a yearly high on Thursday, December 8th. I have chosen to invest in the Warrant B, TSX:NDM.WT.B which gives the holder the right to buy NDM at a price of C$0.65 until 10 June 2021.

The warrant B was issued in June 2016 in connection with a stock offering and I was able to buy a nice position for C$0.165.

This warrant closed at C$1.87 on Thursday and opened at C$2.00 on Friday before selling off on the day.

Thus over 1000% gains were achieved in less than 6 months. Personally, I am maintaining my position to take advantage of further upside in the shares and warrants but my followers and subscribers could have easily achieved these gains and sold if they wanted.

Another great position for us which I have shared with subscribers for well over a year is Canadian Zeolite, TSXV:CNZ, formerly Canadian Mining.

I and any of my subscribers could have purchased the shares around C$0.09 for many, many months earlier this year.

CNZ has recently had a steady stream of news releases as to the progress and different uses of zeolite.

As you can see from the chart below the shares have skyrocketed and this week hit a high of C$1.95.

The shares have gone totally parabolic and I decided to take some monies off the table and have sold down my original position to 40%, which still leaves CNZ as my number 1 position on a valuation basis. Some shares were sold from C$1.76 to C$1.93 before the shares plunged on Friday, down C$0.62 to close at C$1.12.

Bottomline is that gains of over 2000% could have been captured by you as I did in less than 6 months.

I remain bullish on the potential for further gains in CNZ but we may need some time for the price to stabilize before moving back to new highs.



These gains are real.

I currently have over 40 positions in my personal portfolio, shares and stock warrants, many of which I believe have the potential for outrageous gains as the above real examples.

It will be nice to have gold and silver get back to a bullish mode, but for now we are doing just fine.




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