Martin Weiss & Larry Edelson Welcome Aboard The Warrant Express

The Warrant Report
June 25, 2012

Martin Weiss & Larry Edelson
Welcome Aboard The Warrant Express

We have been spreading the word about the increased leverage opportunities using warrants since 2005 and are always excited to see others in the business start to talk about warrants.

On Friday, we see that Larry Edelson with “Uncommon Sense“, a Martin Weiss, Money and Markets publication, is aggressively talking about investing in warrants on natural resource companies.  GREAT NEWS FOR US. See the quotes below from Larry.

We don’t view this as competition but as a positive event bringing more much needed attention to warrants which have been greatly overlooked by investors for years.

A little history for you:
Due to our shared interest in warrants, my staff and I were invited to dinner by Martin Weiss in May, 2006. He told me that, like me, he and his dad were involved with warrants decades ago. We also discussed doing something together with a warrant service, but at the time, I had only recently started the “Precious Metals Warrants” service, and wanted to give it a chance to get off the ground. Six years later, it’s not just off the ground; it’s a tremendous success, due to the great service we provide to our subscribers.

Now, what did Larry Edelson say….?
“….My third strategy is to go for even greater leverage and truly massive profit potential by trading warrants on natural resource stocks.

With warrants, you can control resource stocks for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy the stock outright — so if the stock rises in value, your profits can be awesome. Plus, although like options, where you can lose your investment if they expire worthless, your risk is limited to the amount you invest.

Plus, warrants offer some major advantages that options do not.

Because they represent actual equity investments in the underlying company, you can buy and sell them just like you do stocks. You can buy warrants in an ordinary stock brokerage account, usually without additional approvals from your broker.

And warrants are often available for far longer time periods than options — sometimes as much as five years. And as a result, they’re generally not as sensitive to the passage of time as options are.

Even better, because warrants are so little understood, special opportunities can sometimes arise to buy them at substantial discounts, giving you the chance to make a much larger profit than you would otherwise.

For instance, a select warrant on one of my favorite gold miners is now trading for a mere 76 cents — yet, based on my calculations, the warrant’s fair market value is $1.30.

Assuming it returns to that fair market value, this implies a potential gain of as much as 71% — even if gold prices don’t rise!

Another warrant I’m looking at right now is trading at a mere 5 cents — yet I figure its fair market value is 11 cents — indicating a potential gain of more than 122% — enough to turn a $5,000 investment (buying 100,000 warrants) into as much as $11,100.

And I repeat: That’s WITHOUT the explosive moves higher that I’m expecting in precious metals and in the shares of select mining companies.

Add that in and you could be reaping gains on warrants that could be up to 10 times larger than in gold or silver all while strictly managing your risk of loss.

As you can see, the profit potential of just these first three strategies is huge:

You could multiply your money four to six times over with bullion …
And do up to TEN times better with warrants on resource-producing stocks!

So, if you just use these first three strategies alone, I believe your profit potential will be positively enormous!

But I’m so confident that the central bank money printing will continue gutting the dollar and driving natural resources sky-high, I’m pulling out ALL the stops …”

Ok guys, we get it and we are glad you are joining us on the warrant express helping us spread the news and opportunities of investing in warrants, and particularly those warrants trading on natural resource shares.


We know the two warrants they are talking about above and we also know of one new warrant which will soon begin trading on a gold/silver company. This will be a warrant with a 5 year life (we really like this feature) but the company is most important. In this case, the company has just beefed up their management team with top officers of a company which was recently bought out. Our current subscribers are being made aware of the name of this company.

For Current Subscribers Only:
We believe (no guarantee) the two warrants that Larry Edelson is referring to are:

Sandstorm Gold wt. A (selling for around C$0.76) and
Luna Gold wt (selling for around C$0.05)

The new warrant to soon begin trading is on Esperanza Silver, TSX:EPZ. Several members of the management team of Minefinders have recently joined Esperanza Silver after the buyout of Minefinders by Pan American Silver. Thus a strong team is in place to lead EPZ forward. This is an interesting situation and this new warrant will have a five year life. We will notify subscribers ASAP as to the date this new warrant will begin trading, possibly, this week.

You remember the saying:

To Make Money, You Have To Buy Low and Sell High

Well, this is probably about as low as we will see prices and it is time to plant some seeds (buy shares) that will produce a bountiful harvest in 18 to 24 months.

We are personally striving for monster gains of 500%, 1,000% or more. This is frequently called a 10 Bagger and this is our goal. Sure, not every position will work out, but on balance, with some good money management and decisions as to what to buy, great gains can and we believe, will be achieved.


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Something to Remember:

If you like a resource company and they have long-term warrants trading you owe it to yourself to explore this potential opportunity. Not all warrants will meet your test of length of time until expiry or the potential leverage thereon, but this is where we have done the work for you in our comprehensive warrant database. Not familiar with warrants, visit our Learning Center.

If you are already fully invested or substantially so, don’t be depressed. We are near the end and should be seeing higher prices soon. Hang in there – you will be rewarded.

If you are not a current subscriber


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….”Get yourself positioned to take advantage of this once in a lifetime ride.”

For current subscribers we greatly appreciate your business and trust you are taking advantage of your subscription to our services.


Dudley Pierce Baker – Owner/Editor – Guadalajara/Ajijic, Mexico
Bruce Ross – Webmaster and Administrative Assistant – Phoenix, USA

Jeff Baker – Assistant Editor and Administrative Assistant, El Paso, USA

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