The Warrant Report: Great Articles For Your Immediate Attention

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

Hello Investors,

With the U.S. Presidental Election, only about 3 weeks out it seems reasonable to say that investors can and should expect volatility in all markets.


Probably within one week, we will be launching a new service under Common Stock Warrants. This new service will focus on the warrants trading on the SPAC’s, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. We will be presenting a list/basket which we believe will be the next big winners. Follow us on Twitter,

As I mentioned last week we have added a new database for SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) (*blank check” companies) giving you more information to make your investment decisions, i.e., Amount of IPO, Number of months since the IPO, an indication as to merger or no merger announcements, links to pending mergers, etc.

In addition to the 100 plus SPAC’s in our database, there are 70 more SPAC’s which have had their IPO but for which the units have not separated. This means there will be another 70 plus companies that will be added to our databases as these stock warrants start to trade.

There are so many interesting opportunities for trading stock warrants and the list grows by the day……

If you are not one of many valued subscribers this would be a great time to GET STARTED.

Subscriptions are available for one month, one year, or for a LIFETIME.

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Thanks for being with us on this journey,

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