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The Most Important Decision
(the company)

As with any investment decision, whether you are considering the purchase of common shares of a company or perhaps, warrants, call options or leaps you must consider the company fundamentals and whether you believe the shares of the company will rise in the future, right?  Sounds elementary, but if the price of the common shares of the company does not increase in value neither will the value of the warrants, options, or leaps.

Thus, the single most important decision for you, as an investor, is to select which specific natural resource companies are of interest to you.

You may accomplish this task in many ways including:

  1. Follow the recommendations of other analysts and/or newsletters
  2. Personal research
  3. Review the list of all of the companies which currently have warrants trading.  This list is furnished in our Warrant Databases now for both U.S. and Canadian companies, many of which you may recognize.
  4. After you have a list of companies (whether it is one company or ten companies) of interest to you then it is time to focus on those companies:

Companies with warrants:

  1. Remaining life of the warrant (furnished in our database)
  2. Current valuation of the warrant (furnished in our database), Undervalued, Overvalued or Fair Value
  3. Making the decision to purchase

The decision to purchase any warrant (s) will be solely yours based upon the above process and your time horizon as an investor, short-term or long-term.

1.  Getting Started

A. Overview

B. Basic definition of a warrant

C. Background and history of warrants

D. The Most Important Decision (the company)

E. Why investors should consider warrants – leverage

F. Are you an ‘Investor’ or a ‘Speculator’

G. Portfolio Allocation for warrants

H. Other professionals talking about warrants
(Adam Hamilton – Frank Holmes – Martin Weiss)


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