How to Use The Warrant Database

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Our Warrant Database
(and How to Use It)

The warrant database is our pride and joy and is the core of our service.  We built the databases from the ground floor and we are frequently upgrading the features that we offer.

We have chosen to use a database format (Java Script) to create and maintain the database as it gives us the ability to manipulate an incredible amount of information.

After logging in as a subscriber with you see:

Combined Listing of All Stock Warrants Trading
List of United States Stock Warrants Trading
List of Canadian Stock Warrants Trading
Dudley’s Portfolio (available only for Gold Subscribers)
Dudley’s Weekly Audio (available only for Gold Subscribers)

Here we provide you with an overview::

A.  A List of All Companies with Warrants Trading (alphabetically)
B.  All Companies Sorted by the Expiration Date of the warrant
C.  All Warrants Sorted by Intrinsic Value
D.  All Companies Sorted by Market Capitalization
E.  A link to All Warrants Sorted as to our Current Market Valuation
F. Link to Recent Insider Reporting

Warrant Database

All of the columns in our database are sortable, so you can sort the warrants, company name, symbols, intrinsic value, warrant price, market capitalization and Our Rating.

Each of the following bullet points represent a column heading going across the top of our database with the described information:

  • Company Name (with hyperlink to website)
  • Industry Sector
  • Includes Cusip number Currently 50% of the warrants have U.S. Symbols which allow for online trading
  • Canadian Symbol (with hyperlink to
  • Expiration (expiry) date of warrant  (Includes a link for All warrants sorted by expiry date)
  • Exercise price of warrant
  • Our Rating For Each Warrant (updated weekly)
  • Recent Price of Common and Warrants (updated daily)
  • Intrinsic Value of Warrant (Also includes a link Sorted by Intrinsic Value
  • Total Capitalization (Also includes a link Sorted by Total Capitalization)

We now provide you with the specific details on All warrants trading, U.S. and Canada in all sectors and industries. The data has been accumulated from many sources and verified with the individual company websites and financial reports and presented to you in a simple and easy to use format.

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