Amaya Gaming Warrant Analysis: Learning About Leverage

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder-Editor, Common Stock Warrants
Posted on Seeking Alpha

amayaGaming is a favorite activity of many as we immediately think of Las Vegas, bright lights, showgirls and glamour.

One company trading in this investment sector is Amaya Gaming (OTCPK:AMYGF), a Canadian company that has greatly expanded its brand and presence in the last several months. The company headquarters is located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada.

Amaya Gaming has exploded on the scene in a short few months with growth and visibility on the world stage with some strategic acquisitions, i.e., Poker Stars and Full-Tilt Poker as well as advancing their Cadillac Jack machines.

Information from the company’s website and discussion of 2nd quarter results reveals the following:

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