David Morgan-From Bank Run to Gold Rush-Empire Reset

davidmorganEditors Note:
Ellis Maritn and Dudley Baker are in Las Vegas on business and last night we spoke with David Morgan congratulated him on this interview. It has received many views from his followers and I trust you with also enjoy and find value.

Published on Jun 13, 2015
When the Governor of Texas decides to put a gold depository in the state and reclaim Texas gold from the Federal Reserve, this could be one of the first steps toward a bank run. Is a Bit Debit Card backed by gold and silver viable as yet another shift away from fiat? How many times will David Morgan say “governments fail” in this segment and why does he believe this is the case? Listen to this compelling segment of The Ellis Martin Report and see why this could broadcast could be called Devolving Empires Part 2 OR Empire Reset!

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