Financing a Changing Metals Landscape – Mining & Exploration Equity Financings Data Analysis, 2018-2023

Note from Dudley Baker – https://CommonStockWarrants
Our friends at, recently put out a great analysis on financings within the mining space which I am sharing with you below. My personal interest is that most of the financings have stock warrants attached to the private placements, some of which may become trading warrants and of interest to my subscribers.

Amidst geopolitical upheaval, widespread war, sticky inflation, and general market malaise, hard commodities are coming into a focus for a wider and wider base of investors. Those paying attention recognize that we are in a sea change moment for global culture, and that metals will be a key factor in securing the future we all hope for.

At, where we track every Canadian private placement, every day, we’re firm believers in the fact that financing data can be instructive for investors hoping to reap returns from the surge in metals investment. As always in the investing world, knowledge is profit, which is why we’ve put together this detailed analysis on equity financing data for four keystone metals for the coming decade: gold, uranium, lithium, and silver.
Inside, we cover shifts in financing dollars from 2018-2023 for gold, silver, uranium, and lithium, broken up into brokered and non-brokered deals, and compare it to shifts in the commodity price over the same period. Each section includes a brief analysis and takeaway for curious investors and issuers.
We hope you find the wealth of data inside useful, informative, and interesting—we know we have.


Readers may remember this name, Precious Metals Warrants, which we launched in May 2005. This was a groundbreaking service with a database of only the stock warrants trading in the resource sector. This was a very popular and successful service as gold and silver soared in early 2012. In 2013, we expanded our services to include all stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada and in all investment sectors and we changed our name to Common Stock Warrants. All of the stock warrants trading in the resource sector are still available in our databases and include warrants on oil and gas companies, gold and silver companies, lithium companies, uranium companies, SPACs, etc. We currently see the resource sector (PMs) to be one of the next big opportunities for investors. GET STARTED NOW!

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