Gold Surprises to the Upside….

The Warrant Report
November 7, 2011

Gold Surprises to the Upside….

In this issue:

  • Gold Surprises to the Upside
  • Get the Skinny on Warrants

Gold Surprises to the Upside

This morning gold is up strongly once again and over $1770. We have been talking about this strength for a while now and express more of our views and where we are going in my latest interview with Ellis Martin of The Ellis Martin Report. We encourage you to give this a listen ASAP. This is an important and timely piece.

The Skinny On Warrants

We recently shared this information with you but if you did not take the time to view here it is again.

While searching the internet Sunday afternoon I stumbled on an old interview that I did with Al Korelin back in 2008. We were attending an investment conference and Al interviews me and my relatively new service at the time, Precious Metals Warrants.

In 2008, we were just that, warrants and our warrant database. We have come a long way since then and cover much more in our services, including following insider trading and “A Look Over My Shoulder”, Dudley’s entire portfolio.

This video as it appears on YouTube gives a great overview of warrants, what they are and why any investor should consider including warrants in their portfolio.

Sure, it is kind of comical to see ourselves in earlier days, but it is very educational for those even slightly interested in our services and warrants in particular.

Great examples and insight into warrants – click here

What Subscribers Like Most About Our Services

Here at we receive a lot of feedback from subscribers.

Virtually all of our feedback is positive. Sure we lose some subscribers from time to time and on many occasions we are told that they really like our services but for personal reasons, health, etc. that they must cancel their subscription, at least, for a while.

The bottom line is…….

We believe we are successful because of our honesty.

Allow me to explain.

In our services there are basically 3 parts:

1. Our Warrant Database – a stand-alone product and not subjective

2. Our Insider Trading Selections

3. A Look Over My Shoulder (Dudley’s entire portfolio)

Each Thursday subscribers get access to Dudley’s audio recorded after the close each Thursday. This has become a favorite of many and what subscribers take away is my current views, my honesty and sincerity.

Of course we like all of the other newsletters cannot always be right. But when we are talking about specific stocks or perhaps warrants we are talking about our positions as well.

In other words, we are giving our best views on the company and the markets at that moment.

There are literally thousands of resource shares and we cannot cover them all. But we have a great selection which we personally own and you as a subscriber get to see them all.

We realize there are many good newsletters available to resource investors and we have been told many times by subscribers that we are the best.

We are not traders.

We prefer to hold our positions for at least one year.

Recently we have seen some newsletters recently telling subscribers to sell specific stocks only to witness those same shares rising. In effect, they panicked. Now what?

Again, no one can always be correct on any given stock or the overall the direction of the markets, but we are big believers in this long term bull market in gold and silver and that the resource shares will have their day, the mania phase. This is when we anticipate making gains of 500%, 1,000% and much more.


Our personal target date is Jan-Feb 2014 at which time we would expect resource shares to be exploding in price. Yes, even the dogs and cats.

Current Market:

Our best guess is that the resource sector will continue to consolidate for a few more weeks and gold will probably drift down into the $1440 range setting up incredible buying opportunity for shares. But many shares have already had substantial decline and some may have already hit their lows. No one has the Holy Grail. Our eyes are open each day for great opportunities.

Let’s Get Started

I’d like to have you join us on this journey and suggest you get started as soon as possible.  SIGN UP NOW

My Personal Guarantee

I’ll do my best to lead you into some opportunities for extraordinary gains. Remember, that I own the same shares and we are in this together. As well, we are constantly looking for new, exciting and undervalued opportunities.

We continue to be intrigued with some of the small exploration companies which are languishing at yearly lows. We are following many companies that are trading below C$0.10. We cannot help but believe some of these current under performers will be some of the big winners in the coming months and years. A basket of these low prices shares has the potential of providing us with 500% to 1,000% or more

See our featured article below from Casey Research indicating gains in 22 months of 2313% leading up to the peak in 1980.

These are the gains we are after and why you need to be a subscriber and stay a subscriber through this entire bull market.

For those of you that are not currently subscribers, after subscribing you will see all of my positions and have immediate access to all of our services. SIGN UP NOW

How Long Might It Take to Get Rich With Gold Stocks?

From our friends over at Casey Research, we would like to share this recent piece by Jeff Clark.

“…Once the mania began, gold producers returned roughly four times the money. From January 1, 1979 through their peak in October, 1980, gold stocks rose $293.6%. The metal gained 274.8% during its part of the mania, hitting its pinnacle of $850 on January 21, 1980.

The big action was with the juniors and explorers; the average return of 15 companies we sampled was 2,313% during this 22-month period. What’s ahead could be truly spectacular.

We are in full agreement with Jeff’s piece and encourage you to give it a read.
How Long Might It Take……?

Not Sure About Warrants?      (Warrants are only 22% of my portfolio)

Think about it.  A warrant, a long term call if you will, on a company that you like that greatly limits your cash outlay while offering you the potential for great gains. The leverage is the key to warrants, a greater gain on your investment dollars. 

If you need more information you can visit our Learning Center.

We saw this interesting quote recently:

….” if we are all in the parade who is going to watch us walk by”

Think about this the next time you try and convince a friend or family member to invest in resource shares or warrants. Most just don’t get it, at least, not yet.

Our Gold Subscribers have unlimited access to our Warrant Database and also access to my personal portfolio and to our Insider Trading data with Buy and Sell recommendations. My personal portfolio now includes over 80 different positions.

Sample of Current Open Positions

Sample of Closed Positions

Closed Out Insider Trades – Average Gains of 104%

….”Get yourself positioned to take advantage of this once in a lifetime ride.”

If you are not a current subscriber

For current subscribers we greatly appreciate your business and trust you are taking advantage of your subscription to our services.


Dudley Pierce Baker – Owner/Editor – Guadalajara/Ajijic, Mexico
Bruce Ross – Webmaster and Administrative Assistant – Phoenix, USA

Jeff Baker – Assistant Editor and Administrative Assistant, El Paso, USA

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