Jim Grant and Adam Hamilton – USD and Gold Stocks

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

Here at Common Stock Warrants, we bring you our stock warrants databases and ideas and opportunities for shares and/or warrants in which to invest. We, perhaps like you, rely on those in the business that we respect their opinions. There are many but today I am bringing you two recent articles and quotes from two of our favorites, Jim Grant of the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer and Adam Hamilton of Zeal Intelligence. I encourage you to read their recent articles and then hurry back here and sign up to our CSW to follow what I believe will be some of the big winners within the next 12 – 24 months.

Jim Grant – Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

In this recent interview with Jim Grant

“The news caught markets off guard: On December 20th, the Bank of Japan surprisingly extended the target range for the yield on ten-year government bonds to plus/minus 0.5%. A move that not a single economist had expected….

In an in-depth interview with The Market NZZ, which has been slightly edited for clarity, Mr. Grant explains what it means for financial markets if the Bank of Japan is forced to scrap its yield curve control policy. But first, he says why he doesn’t believe inflation will end soon, why bonds may be at the start of a long bear market, and why he believes gold is the best choice as a store of value.”

Adam Hamilton – Zeal Intelligence

I am linking to two recent articles by Adam Hamilton which are very bullish for gold and resource shares/warrants

Gold, Miners Golden Crosses

“Gold and its miners’ stocks both just flashed major Golden Cross buy signals. These powerfully-bullish indicators are among the best in all of technical analysis, widely followed and revered. They argue odds are mounting that recent months’ parallel gold and gold-stock uplegs still have a long ways higher to run. These latest golden crosses are even stronger and more compelling coming after deep stock-panic-grade lows….”

Gold Buying Only Starting
“Gold has powered higher smartly over the past couple months, achieving big gains. But this gold buying is only starting, implying this young upleg still has a long way to run yet. Speculators’ gold-futures buying remains modest, while much-larger identifiable investment buying hasn’t even begun. Traders will have to increasingly chase gold’s upside momentum to restore normal portfolio allocations, really amplifying its gains….

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