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January 25, 2015
Dudley Pierce Baker

All of my subscribers are considered by me to be part of our team here

If any subscribers see something of interest in the stock warrant arena, I
want to hear from you via email to,
and indicate in the subject line: Feedback

 As a subscriber, if you are great at technicals, charts, hedging strategies, timing
the markets, etc., again, I want to hear from you. After feedback is received I may share
content with other team members based upon my personal discretion.

I believe that this new approach will be for the greater good as
we are all in these markets together.

To my current subscribers, I value your participation and support of our unique
services, some of you for many, many years.

If you are not a current subscriber I encourage you to join our team now.
Not familar with stock warrants? Read my previous article,
How to trade with warrants, originally posted on

There are many great opportunities with stock warrants and I see great
volitility in the markets for all sectors perhaps culminating in substantially
higher prices over the next several years and we look for the peak in 2017.

Dudley Pierce Baker

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