Junior Mining News – March 17, 2024

As we wait for gold, silver, and the mining sector to blast off, we continue to look for opportunities in shares and/or warrants. The articles below will provide some guidance but more so boost your confidence that higher markets are coming, it is only the timing that eludes us all.

Gold this week closed at $2156 and has been consolidating for the last week or so and should resume its up-move soon. Silver had a good week closing at $25.18 and is close to breaking out to the upside on my monthly charts which I share with Gold Subscribers.

In my weekly audio which was sent out yesterday to my Gold Subscribers, I did a review of my portfolio, Dudley’s Portfolio, with many comments and thoughts on investment allocations for subscribers to consider. Each subscriber has different levels of ‘risk tolerance’ and only you can decide how much and where to deploy those resources, i.e. into mining shares or warrants trading on those shares, if any.

Mining shares and the warrants thereon are lagging and should be catching up soon allowing you to JOIN US AT CSW NOW so you can see how I am playing this coming bull market in mining shares and warrants.

Great articles and interviews to give you confidence in your investment decisions:

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Copper price surges on supply threat as iron ore shows economic risks

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