Markets Plunging – Interview with Jim Sinclair, Ellis Martin & Al Korelin

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December 15, 2011

Markets Plunging – Interview with Jim Sinclair, Ellis Martin & Al Korelin

In this issue:

  • Markets plunging – What Do We See
  • Al Korelin Interview – New
  • Ellis Martin Interview – New
  • Jim Sinclair Interview with Ellis Martin

Markets Plunging – What Do We See

Gold today traded as low as $1565 and clearly broke support and its 200 Day MA and will no doubt head even lower. Good chance we will see gold trading around $1440-$1450 range and very shortly. One analyst we follow sees this happening by Dec 22nd.

Look at this as possibly the last great buying opportunity and be ready to back up the truck. Yes, it is scary and we don’t like to see the value of our portfolio decline any more than you do, but this decline will set the stage for the next great advance. Let’s have some fun with this and pick some winners.  Think stink bids.

Al Korelin (The Korelin Economic Report)

Recently we were interviewed again by Al Korelin and focused basically on our views and reasons for following the insider activity on the resource companies.
The Korelin Economic Report

Look for Segment 6

Recent Interviews with Ellis Martin:

Also I have an interview which is still timely with Ellis Martin. I am stressing the point:

Don’t Quit Now — Give it a listen.

Ellis has a great interview with legendary Jim Sinclair which we are happy to share with all of our readers. Don’t miss this one.

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On our website, we have updated our links to our favorite websites and we have added a new service which recently came to our attention,

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If you need more information you can visit our Learning Center.

We saw this interesting quote recently:

….” if we are all in the parade who is going to watch us walk by”

Think about this the next time you try and convince a friend or family member to invest in resource shares or warrants. Most just don’t get it, at least, not yet.

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