MicroVision- New Trading Warrant

The Warrant Report
May 20, 2013

MicroVision – New Trading Warrant

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Market Recap
Silver Bull Resources
My latest Ellis Martin Interview

MicroVision – New Trading Warrant
We have just added another warrant in the United States to our database of trading warrants.
On Friday, MicroVision, (Nasdaq: MVIS) announced a stock offering with warrants which are now trading in the United States.

MicroVision is a world leader in the innovation of a new generation of display technology that brings enhanced visibility to the world of mobility.

With our new focus on United States companies as well as Canadian companies we bring to our subscribers more great companies such as MicroVision.

At www.CommonStockWarrants.com we provide the complete details on the trading warrants of each company and the great leverage calculations which you will need to make a decision as to whether any particular warrant should be purchased and/or is Under Valued, Fair Value or Over Valued.

In the case of MicroVision, this is a 5 year warrant, but, there is an acceleration clause to the warrant which you will need to know and we provide the link to this news. Is the MicroVision warrant a good deal? Our information will give you the answer.

We encourage you to join us now and help us spread the word of our new and expanded services. All warrants trading, all sectors and industries in the United States and Canada.
Subscriptions are now available for either:
Warrant Database ONLY  or
Warrant Database AND Dudley’s Look Over My Shoulder

Market Recap
The markets in the U.S. as measured by the Dow and the S&P500 are still on fire and hitting highs. For those of you playing this upswing all I can ask is, ‘are you  considering buying long-term warrants?’  How long this strength will continue is questionable in our mind but it is a great contrast to the carnage in the resource sector.

We have had a dramatic turnaround today in gold and silver as we write this at 11:50AM, CST. After being down ($1340) hard gold is now up $24 to $1384 and silver up $0.46 to $22.76 after trading overnight below $21.

Was this the final bottom? Could be.

With the Canadian Markets closed today for Victoria Day, we have a one day break for the resource shares.

Silver Bull Resources
Subscribers know that I own shares in Silver Bull Resources, Amex: SVBL and TSX:SVB
and on May 8 and 9th I attended a tour of the properties, north of Torreon, Mexico.
Others attending included, Ed Skoda, Bob Moriarty of 321Gold, Gordon Holmes of AuReport, and others.

Bob Moriarty wrote up the story on May 17th, The Next Silver Takeout and we invite you to give it a read. Yes,we are shareholders and continue to like the story.
Read Here

My latest interview with Ellis Martin

This interview was recorded about 2 weeks ago and before my trip to New York. It is still very timely even though my prices given for gold and silver are significantly different from today’s. A great recap on what we doing in our services and what we see as the Big Picture.
Listen HereJoin us now for a world of new investment opportunities,

Let us here at www.JuniorMiningResources.com assist you in picking the future winners.



By The Greedy Guru


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You may have noticed we are still in the process of redesigning our company structure and will be advertising and doing interviews under the name www.JuniorMiningResources.com. We are doing this to be more reflective of our overall services as our mission is one of finding the best opportunities for investors in the resource sector. Give us a visit soon.

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To rap up, don’t be discouraged if you are down in your portfolios, you should realize by now that the resource sector is not for the weak hearted. You must have great patience and always on the hunt for new opportunities and right now your timing is better than ever.


Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder and Editor

Guadalajara-Ajijic, Mexico

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