Mining From A Driller’s Perspective

By Dudley Pierce Baker

On Thursday last week my team, Ken Smith and Ed Skoda and I visited the new facilities of B.D.W. International Drilling, Inc. and Ace Drilling Supplies in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Roger Girard, the president of both companies has been a friend for several years and he gave us a tour of the new offices.

Serge Lussier is the operations manager for both companies and he and Roger have a long history, both being French Canadians from the Montreal area. Also both having been in Mexico for many years are totally trilingual — Spanish, French, and English.

P1020366-2A new building (50,000 sq ft. or 4600 sq mt.) houses all of his operations, to include a helicopter pad. B.D.W. Drilling currently has 30 diamond drill rigs and around 200 employees most out in the field. While business could always be better, they are doing well in this current market environment.

A skilled employee of Ace Drilling Supplies applying industrial diamonds to a drill bit -- meticulously, one small diamond at a time.

A skilled employee of Ace Drilling Supplies applying industrial diamonds to a drill bit — meticulously, one small diamond at a time.

The company has had opportunities to expand into Africa and South America, but the drilling operations will stay focused on Mexico. However, the new diamond drill bit manufacturing will serve Mexican, North and South American clients and also overseas markets by having close access to both Atlantic and Pacific port facilities.

The resource sector has been a challenging place to do business recently but Roger’s contacts run deep. His company has or is currently drilling for Goldcorp (TSX:G), Penoles.MX, Great Panther (TSX:GPR), Southern Silver (TSX:SSV), Soltoro (TSX:SOL), Kootenay Silver (TSX:KTN), Quaterra Resources (TSX:QTA) and many other gold and silver companies in Mexico.

Ace Drilling Supplies has recently begun manufacturing drilling parts and bits used in the mining business. All operations are on site in this impressive new facility.

acebits300Roger attributes the immediate success of the young company to relying on the strategic combination of a Canadian experienced management team and a very skillful and innovative crew of Mexicans engineers, technicians and workers. “At Ace Diamond Bits and Tools, we manufacture drilling tools by people that have an extensive direct first hand knowledge of the field conditions and challenges of the drilling industry,” Roger said.

It’s great to see friends doing well and we will visit again soon.


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