PennTrade – A U.S. Broker For Canadian Shares & Warrants

February 7, 2017
By: Dudley Pierce Baker



I am glad to bring to your attention that PennTrade is now available for trading in the Canadian shares and stock warrants.

If you are a U.S. Citizen and interested in trading the Canadian shares and/or stock warrants this news will be of great interest to you.

It has long been an issue for U.S. Citizens on how to trade the Canadian securities using the Canadian symbols for shares and warrants.

I had a long chat today with John Worrell who assures me that PennTrade is good to go and ready to execute our trades. You can get all of the information necessary to open an account, to commissions, etc on their website.

PennTrade is now the online trading division of Paulson Investment Company, LLC. Founded in 1970 in Portland, Oregon, Paulson Investment Company earned national distinction as a premier boutique investment bank in the small to mid-cap market, leading 175 public and private offerings and raising over $1.2 billion in financing.

Tell them Dudley sent you….

In full disclose here, there are a couple of other firms providing similar services:




Interactive Brokers – this is my personal brokerage firm at the present time.

Fidelity Brokers – I have been told that if you have an account at Fidelity and quality to upgrade to their International StockTrading you can trade the Canadian securities.



More choices of brokerage firms is always a good issue so no longer an excuse for not trading the Canadian shares and more particularly the stock warrants.


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