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     March 09, 2015
By Dudley Pierce Baker



Recently, I have been asked, ‘where did Precious Metals Warrants go’?

Some thought we surely disappeared with the ‘dark days’ in the resource market.

Perhaps you did not receive our emails because we are alive and well BUT…. what we did do was changed our name to be more reflective of our upgraded business model.

As of June 2013, we are on the web as Common Stock Warrants,

Our new name is clean, simple and says exactly what we do and we are the only stock warrant service available for interested investors.

Need more information on stock warrants?

Get your free copy (in pdf format) of both of these incredible reference books on stock warrants:


This is the original works of Sidney Fried

and is a real treasure house of information
on stock warrants.

Get your free copy here.





BeatTheMarket Edward O. Thorp may have been better known for his books and views on gaming, i.e., Beat The Street, etc.

However he has a great take on stock warrants which is a must read for investors interested in warrants and is another great resource.

Get your free copy here.




You can still Google us as Precious Metals Warrants to see many of our earlier articles on warrants posted on many websites, i.e., Futures Magazine, 321Gold, Kitco, Goldseek, Munknee, 24HourGold and many, many more.

In those ‘dark days’ we were actually expanding our services to include ALL stock warrants trading in ALL industries and sectors (not just resource stocks) AND we have come into the United States markets to include all banks, bio-tech’s, restaurants, autos, etc. which have stock warrants trading and you would be surprised how many there are.

Timing Is Everything

Buying stock warrants is no different than buying shares in that you need to decide whether the markets are in a bull or bear mode. Is it reasonable to expect your stock warrants or shares to go up, if the markets are in a correction or bear market? No.

Dow Jones and S&P 500

Some analysts I personally listen to are saying the Dow will hit 31,000 or more in 2017. Whether they are right or wrong is for each investor to decide. BUT, if they are right and the markets take off on a new leg up, think about the incredible gains possible and with stock warrants the gains can be even greater.

Finding those opportunities might be as simple as you looking at our database of stock warrants and selecting those companies which you personally like and with the warrants having an expiration date beyond 2018, of which there are many.

Resource Sector

With the recent up turn in gold, silver and shares in the natural resource sector as well we have many former subscribers returning and many new investors just now discovering our service and the marvelous opportunities available with stock warrants. Again, timing is everything and it is possible that gold and shares could still plunge one more time for a final cleansing before returning to a bull market.

Interestingly, some of those same analysts I alluded to above are predicting gold to hit $5,000 or more in this same 2017 time frame. Think again of the monster gains to be made in resource shares and of course on those stock warrants trading in the resource sector. Your review of our database could be all you need to trigger some ideas on which companies you think have great potential in the next 2 to 3 years.

My Warrant Databases

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Currently we are maintaining our warrant databases in two (2) formats:

  1. Our original listings of all Canadian warrants and now I include the U.S. stock warrants as well with complete details and leverage calculations on all warrants and our current rating on each.
  2. Our Comprehensive Warrant Database

This new database contains all stock warrants that are trading in the United States and Canada for all industries and sectors. This database can be sorted by Company, Symbol, Trading Volume, Company Capitalization and more AND we are using Quotemedia, Inc. as a source of this information. Here you can get quotes, charts, company information including financials, insider trading information and more.

Thus subscribers have an incredible amount of information on all companies at your fingertips. Subscribers whether they use our original databases or our new comprehensive databases will have everything they need to make an informed decision on which, if any, stock warrants to purchase.

My home base is still Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico and going on my 16th year of happiness living outside of the United States.

As the only stock warrants service available I trust you will join us soon and discover our wonderful world of warrants and the benefits thereof.

Subscriptions Available:

See my website for full details,

We are waiting for you.

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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