Premier Gold (T.PG and PIRGF) | Analyzing Insiders Selling

September 3, 2014

Dudley Pierce Baker

My followers and subscribers are aware of my passion for following the insider trading activity on many of the companies, whether resource companies or others.

I accomplish this task by my subscription to, allowing me the ability to track 200 or more companies and I receive an immediate email as to any insider transactions.

Also I, as well as you, now have the ability to follow the insider trading via the Quotemedia, Inc. information that now is available on our websites:

Search on any symbol and look for Insiders in the top menu bar.

Today I am showcasing the recent insider selling in Premier Gold Mines that trades on the TSX under the symbol PG and in the OTC markets as PIRGF.


Personally, I hate to see insider selling in any company in which I own shares and/or stock warrants and if possible, I want to know why the insiders are selling.

In this case I own shares in PG (PIRGF) and like the long-term prospects for the company as well as higher share prices.  I actually acquired shares (and told our subscribers) around the lowest prices late in 2013 and don’t want that 100% gain to get away from us.

But now we see several insiders selling and we ask the same question you should be asking, ‘what do we do now’? 

With four insiders selling in August our antenna is up and we continue our research and here is what we find….

Our research reveals these insiders had received and exercised stock options and then immediately sold the shares in the public market.

So what appeared at first to be negative news from PG actually goes down in our book as a neutral and the insiders continue to own substantial share positions in PG.

All is well and we continue to own and look forward to higher share prices in Premier Gold Mines as the bull market continues.

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Until next time,

Dudley Pierce Baker


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