Ross Beaty: We Are Starting Another Leg Up In Gold


Ross discusses how he started his first public company called Equinox Resources in 1985 and then started Pan American Silver in 1994 which became one of the worlds pre-eminent silver companies. He feels that we have been in a gold bull market since 2015. Gold had a good breakout in 2016, and that seems to be in the first leg of a bull market. Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years.

He discusses the previous gold rally in the early 2000’s and how it was primarily due to the industrialization of China and how it overshot in 2011.
Trump’s policies are affecting commodities as there have been massive run-ups in the broader markets. These corrections should be positive for the precious metals. 2008-2011 demonstrated just how much gold and silver could outperform. He says, “the odds for a meltdown happening again seem quite high.”

Ross sold his clean energy company last fall, and since he still loves gold, he started a new Equinox Resources. He says, “The market is ready for another diversified mid to large tier gold mining company.” So far he has put together three companies with excellent projects into Equinox. Currently, they are looking at 320,000 ounces of production next year.

He discusses his strategies for building a leading mid-tier company and what sorts of companies investors should be looking at investing in. You want a company that will become magnified in value during the coming years. Good management is vital, and there is no substitute for doing your homework. The real gains that are coming will be huge.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode:
• The reasons for the early 2000’s commodity rally and subsequent correction.
• Feels the odds of a meltdown in markets is high.
• Discusses how to build a high-quality mid-tier resource company.
• Why real gains are coming to the precious metals sector.

Time Stamp Reference:
00:37 – Ross’s background with Equinox Resources.
01:20 – Building Pan American Silver.
02:15 – Bull market started end of 2015.
03:35 – Gold equities have been walloped.
04:30 – Early 2000’s gold rally impressions.
07:15 – Golds safe-haven status in financial meltdowns.
08:50 – His goal in starting Equinox Gold.
12:00 – How to build a mid-tier company.
14:40 – Jurisdictional challenges with California
18:00 – Picking assets to acquire as a mid-tier.
20:00 – Leverage and magnification in mining equities.
21:40 – Tips for investors capitalizing in this space.

Ross Beaty is the Chairman of Equinox Gold’s Board of Directors and a member of the Company’s Social Responsibility/Technical Committee. Mr. Beaty is a geologist and resource company entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the international minerals and renewable energy industries. He founded Pan American Silver and currently serves as Chairman of the Pan American Board, and since 1985 has successfully founded and divested in several other public mineral resource companies.


Ross is a past President of the Silver Institute in Washington, DC, a Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Mining, and a recipient of the Institute’s Past President’s Memorial Medal. In 2007, Mr. Beaty received the Association of Mineral Exploration of BC’s Colin Spence Award for excellence in global mineral exploration; in 2008, he won the Mining Person of the Year award from the Mining Association of BC and the 2008 Natural Resources & Energy Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst & Young. In 2010, he was awarded the prestigious Viola MacMillan Award by the Prospector and Developers Association of Canada and was selected as Mining Person of the Year for 2011 by Canada’s Northern Miner newspaper. In 2014, he received the CIM’s Vale Medal for Meritorious Contribution to Mining, and in 2017 he was appointed to the Order of Canada for his business contributions to the mining sector and for his philanthropy aimed at preserving the environment. In 2018, Mr. Beaty was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in recognition of his significant contributions to the Canadian mining industry.

Mr. Beaty holds an MSc in Mineral Exploration (with Distinction) from the Royal School of Mines, University of London, England, and an LLB (Law) and a BSc (Honours Geology) from the University of British Columbia.

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