SPACs are ‘remarkably cheap compared to mispriced IPOs’

Note from Dudley Pierce Baker
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This is a great interview with Bill Gurley of Benchmark appearing on CNBC on Friday, July 9, 2021.
In our databases, we cover all the warrants trading on the SPACs and my personal observation is that most of the warrants are undervalued by at least 50%. The SPACwarrants are unique in that once a merger is completed by a SPAC, the warrants will have a 5-year life and exercisable at $11.50.
I would agree that back in February the SPACs and the warrants were overvalued but that situation has been corrected and now the warrants are undervalued. Something here for all investors.

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Benchmark’s Bill Gurley says SPACs are ‘remarkably cheap compared to mispriced IPOs’

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