Obama’s Administration Spied on Trump PERIOD?

Posted Apr 4, 2017 by Martin Armstrong As evidence exposes the Obama White House was spying on Trump, mainstream media is desperate to cover this up, but most importantly, this is feeding into the forecast of our model that we are looking and the decline and fall. Government is simply not trustworthy and as we see this affair will prove legally to be no different from Watergate and the Nixon scandal except this one goes all the way to the top. We are one step closer to undermining the system, which is critical to the collapse in public confidence. Hillary Clinton told a crowd in San Francisco:  “Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.” All the feedback I have been getting from the non-partisan observers confirm that the civil unrest is deliberately being orchestrated to prevent any reforms that Trump had promised. It is highly dangerous to engage such class warfare and I will be issuing a special report on this subject showing this is how the decline and fall always begins. George Soros is allegedly a lead funder in this movement. Even Hungary is trying to stop Soros who is funding what others allege are revolutions in Hungary and even Poland. I warned that reliable sources were putting the leadership role on attempting to undermine Trump squarely on Valerie Jarrett.  I further warned that Jarrett even moved in and was living with Obama turning his home into a political bunker to undermine the Trump Administration and feed civil unrest. Now Bloomberg is reporting that … Continue reading