The US Economy: All Roads Lead To Gold

  Stewart Thomson email: email: email: Nov 19, 2019 Top US politicians describe the US economy as the “mightiest of all time”. Please click here now . Houston, we have a problem! The next tariff tax deadline is now only about three weeks away. While Trump’s diehard fans may want him to hike these taxes again if China doesn’t “play ball”, massive FOREX liquidity flows suggest that the world’s biggest money managers are becoming extremely concerned about the level of risk in the US economy. Please click here now . Double-click to enlarge. American GDP growth has literally incinerated (from what I predicted would be a 5% peak as the tariff taxes were launched), and this dollar versus yen chart shows a massive bear wedge pattern in play. That bear wedge is ominous. It suggests giant bank FOREX traders believe something is about to go badly wrong with the US economy… more wrong than the horrific sub 1% GDP growth in play now! Trump’s initial platform of tax cuts, law and order, and deregulation was awesome. It created surging markets (both gold and stocks), a positive vibe for citizens, and solid GDP growth. That platform has been replaced with macabre QE and negative rates worship, turning a blind eye to a skyrocketing deficit, and a crazed attempt to boost growth with tariff taxes… and it’s all happening as the world de-dollarizes at an ever-faster rate. Stagflation is emerging, and some economists are forecasting that in 2020 corporate earnings and revenue growth will both come in at … Continue reading


THERE WILL BE A REVOLUTION: Bob Moriarty’s Stunning Prediction of a Global Battle to Replace Fiat Money       by Lior Gantz | Mar 7, 2019 | Personal Finance Revolution is ugly and messy, but it’s sometimes necessary when tyranny exists. Tyranny can take many forms, including economic tyranny, which is manifested through the monetary supply in today’s world. Getting back to the gold standard would require nothing less than a revolution, and one widely-regarded commentator is predicting that we’ll see a revolt on a global scale. Wealth Research Group actually had the chance to speak with this daring individual, who happens to be none other than Mr. Bob Moriarty. He is the owner and publisher of the precious metal information and analysis portal, as well as, which covers the oil, gasoline, coal, natural gas, solar, wind, and nuclear energy markets. Known far and wide as a true patriot and world-class aviator, Bob Moriarty had ferried general aviation aircraft all over the world for 15 years, including more than 240 over-the-water deliveries. Mr. Moriarty holds 14 International Aviation records, including Charles Lindbergh’s record for time between New York and Paris in two different categories. Additionally, Robert Moriarty is a decorated United States Marine F-4B and O-1 pilot with over 832 missions in Vietnam. He became a pilot at the age of 20 and a Captain in the Marines at age 22, and Mr. Bob Moriarty remains one of the most highly-decorated pilots in U.S. history today. Courtesy of Bob Moriarty A truly multi-talented man, Robert Moriarty is … Continue reading

Gold On The Verge Of A Major Breakout

By Dudley Pierce Baker     Gold On The Verge Of A Major Breakout I’ve got some interesting articles for you below and in full disclosure I also own shares in Silver Bull which is showcased by Bob Moriarty of 321Gold in his article below. This was a wild week in the markets with the financial markets tanking and gold break strongly to the upside. While gold has still not broken out, it is very, very close. From the chart above you can see this Head and Shoulder pattern has been forming for 4 to 5 years. Using $1050 as the low and the shoulder at $1380 or so, we can project a target price in gold of $1710. When this breakout in gold does occur, resource shares will finally play catchup. For me, there is only one way to play this ‘game’ by investing in quality junior mining companies and/or long-term stock warrants trading on those companies. Between the Canadian Database and the U.S. Database, we have around 250 exciting opportunities with stock warrants trading.  investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in resources, marijuana/cannabis, blockchain, bio-techs, pharmaceuticals, banking, blank check companies, etc. If you are not familiar with stock warrants, you can receive The Stock Warrant Handbook for FREE by visiting, along with more freebies. If you  sign up for my services with a Gold or Lifetime Subscription you will have access to my entire portfolio and can see everything that … Continue reading

Bullish on Silver? Bullish on Silver Bull

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold profiles a silver explorer that has changed direction and is finding drilling success.       Silver Bull’s Sierra Mojada Project I wrote about Silver Bull Resources Inc. (SVB:TSX; SVBL:NYSE.MKT) back in November. The stock was unloved and hovering at $0.11 a share. I suggested potential investors watch for news releases because the company has totally changed direction. Since then the price of silver has been pretty much unchanged but Silver Bull has doubled. We found a new young writer recently who has been generating some valuable information about various investing issues. Recently he wrote a piece about silver that uses a different approach to say what I have been trying to say for a year. Silver is cheap and as I said in my book, you should buy cheap and sell dear. As I write, the ratio between silver and gold is 81.23 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. In Kevin’s article he clearly shows how the return on silver is far higher if you buy silver when the ratio is above 80:1. Silver is cheap and Silver Bull is even cheaper. While the “Experts” are mumbling about how JPM is manipulating silver with the biggest short position since Christ was a Corporal, my readers are making money. The “Experts” have been wrong with everything they have said about silver for 20 years that I have followed them. If you are a real “Expert” you really should get something right once in a while. These idiots have no idea … Continue reading

Bob Moriarty | Recent Articles & Market Comments

August 4, 2015 Dudley Pierce Baker Bob Moriarty of 321Gold is a straight shooter, meaning he says what he thinks and doesn’t give a crap if you don’t like it. Sounds to me sorta like Donald Trump…… I’ve visited with Bob on numerous occasions and I’ve been on the same mine tour and he is always the same, i.e., direct and to the point, no b.s. You either like this guy or hate him, just depends on the day. Even on a bad market day in the metals Bob is a bull and I for the most part agreement with him that we have or will soon have a bottom in place and be smiling again with plus signs in our portfolios. Bob has several articles posted in the last few days and I thought it would be a good idea to share with my readers in case you have not seen them. A Tradable Low in Commodies Why you should ignore all Gold Gurus including me Gold and the Full Moon Capitulation in Gold   … Continue reading