Kootenay Silver Recommended By Dudley Baker – Ellis Martin Reports

Dudley Baker of Junior Mining News Recommends Kootenay Silver (TSX-V:KTN/OTC:KOOYF)   In this segment of The Ellis Martin Report, Dudley Baker opines opportunities in the precious metals sector including Kootenay Silver and more! .Click on Video Above or Listen Here:     … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report with Common Stock Warrants’ Dudley Baker

February 13, 2017       Published on Feb 13, 2017 Ellis Martin visits with analyst and newsletter writer/analyst Dudley Baker of https://www.commonstockwarrants.com to discuss buying low in a downturn and reaping the potential benefits as a bull market in metals seemingly returns. Listen to hear about successes and multiple ROI’s to possibly be gained in the coming market. … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report Editorial It’s Time to Buy Gold and Silver Stocks

March 21, 2016 Ellis Martin Reports Editors Comments: This is a fabulous rant by Ellis Martin on the gold and silver markets, an Ellis Martin that we have not heard before. Give it a listen asap and if you would like my assistance, please give my website, http://CommonStockWarrants.com. Dudley Pierce Baker, Founder-Editor … Continue reading

Gold War: China’s SECOND Announcement of More Gold Reserves – Bullion Bulls Canada

By Jeff Nielson    August 17, 2015 China is angry (at the West) that much is clear. China has now made a series of “shocking” announcements, and made dramatic moves with its economy, two acts which are totally atypical of the general approach from Beijing. China generally acts in a very discrete, understated manner, which does notattract attention to its policies, both political and economic. The source of its anger is easy enough to identify, the economic terrorism perpetrated against its economy by Western bankers, and discussed previously. What is far less easy to discern is its precise intent in making these overt and (for China) bold moves. In other words; China is “sending a message”. The task for the Alternative media is to decipher that message. A review of recent events is necessary, as this chain grows longer and longer: 1) China makes a voluntary disclosure of an additional 600 tonnes of gold as part of its official reserves. The announcement was generally considered “surprising”, and some commentators have suggested this was a provocative gesture directed at the West (or more properly, retaliation for the terrorism referred to above). 2) China “suspends” the trading accounts of dozens of U.S. traders, in relation to the (extremely suspicious) bubble-and-crash in China’s stock market. It publicly announces it is investigating these traders for “manipulating” China’s stock market (illegally) using the banksters’ infamous computerized trading algorithms – the same abomination/crime which has been regularly discussed in previous commentaries. 3) China makes a “shocking” announcement of an official devaluation of the renminbi … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report with Dudley Baker Point Counterpoint

Published on Aug 8, 2015 In this segment of The Ellis Martin Report, Ellis and Dudley square off about whether or not gold is righteously priced where it is and whether it will go up or down and be a worthy investment for contrarians. Ellis says “not so much” and predicts a low of $900 where Dudley says if not now when would you take advantage of a rare opportunity. Also, marijuana stocks? What is Dudley’s take on them? http://www.ellismartinreport.com http://www.marijuanaspeculator.com https://www.commonstockwarrants.com … Continue reading