Tax Loss Selling Season Brings Opportunities

This is the time of year that investors can make some important decisions that could lead to reducing your tax for 2021.

It is always suggested that you check with your tax professional but we see the last day for Canadians to sell and take a loss in 2021 is Wednesday, December 29th.

For United States investors you can sell all the way to December 31st.

While some investors are selling to capture their loss for 2021, this is driving down prices for those savvy investors looking for great buys.

We are seeing some amazing opportunities for the SPAC warrants with many coming under great short-term selling pressure.

Resource shares are also under pressure and I am the ultimate contrarian investor, I love it!!!


Jeff and I, look forward to a great 2022 as we expand our services at and invite you to join us on this amazing journey.

Dudley Pierce Baker
Jeff Baker
Common Stock Warrants

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