The Independent Speculator – Investing Ideas In The Precious Metals Sector

by Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

I am pleased to bring you some interesting articles and ideas from Louis James of The Independent Speculator. This service is a great addition to your investment services which can greatly compliment your subscription to my service at Common Stock Warrants. In my opinion, it is all about making money and that means having access to great ideas, information, and services to assist investors in achieving the best performance possible.

I met Louis a few years back at a Casey Conference in San Antonio, Texas when Louis was still with the Casey Organization. He ventured out on his own shortly after that conference and I have stayed on his email list to follow his progress.

Dudley Baker with Louis James at the Casey Conference in 2014.

Louis is literally the ‘boots-on-the-ground’ and gets into serious discussions with the management of companies he is interested in. Louis James is also known as ‘Logo Tiggre’. Yes. There’s a story there, best shared over a warm cup of Joe after a long day of kicking frozen rocks in the Great White North. The short truth is the Lobo Tiggre is “Louis James”’ real, legal name. This is why Doug Casey would frequently refer to “Louis” as “Lobo” or “the Lobo” on stage and even on the air. It is also why Tiggre has signed his letters and emails with simply the letter “L” for decades; it fits both names. The “Louis James” pen name has long been a poorly-kept secret, so we’ve decided to put it to rest. But we also know that “Louis James” is a name with stature among speculators, so we’re keeping it alive as our brand.


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