The Passing Of Larry Edelson

Editor Note from Dudley Pierce Baker
Today we learned of the passing of Larry Edelson at the young age of 61.
While I never met Larry, he was a colleague of ours in the business and was an incredible talent of great knowledge. I was a subscriber of Larry’s and always looked forward to seeing his next comments on the big picture in the world’s markets and so much more. I am also particularly proud to say that Larry was a subscriber to my services for many years.

Our sympathies and respect go out to Larry’s family, Martin Weiss and the entire Weiss Research organization. A life cut short and which we will greatly miss.

Larry Edelson, a great man and dear friend of many years, has just passed away. All of us, including his wonderful family, my wife and I, plus his many devoted colleagues at Weiss Research, are in shock and in mourning. One day he appeared well and upbeat. One week later, he was gone. Larry himself, however, seems to have prepared, well in advance, for this last phase in his life cycle much as he prepared for the next phase of the historical cycles he watched so avidly.

His last letter to you is below. Once you’ve read it, please stand by. In about 15 minutes, I will follow up with another email to you with more details about our plans. — Martin

Last Letter From Larry Edelson
to His Loyal Subscribers

Dear Dudley,

Larry Edelson, 1954–2017

I’m writing you this letter ahead of time, putting it away in a drawer, and asking Martin not to send it until after I’m gone.

I first met Martin in 1995, when my daughter Kari was attending 6th grade at the Weiss School, a school for gifted children which he and his wife founded. Weeks later, I joined Weiss Research, and I’ve been working very closely with Martin ever since. He is my publisher, my mentor, and above all, my friend.

Over these years, I’ve always practiced what I preach: To prepare for future events, it’s always better to be early than sorry. That’s true for investing, and it’s true for life as well: You need a solid succession plan.

For anyone who truly cares for those who love or depend on them, this is very important. And in my case, it’s especially important because of you, my loyal subscriber. I trust you have come to rely on my forecasts and counsel. So I know you’ll appreciate a solid, enduring program that ensures you will continue to receive the same quality of service no matter what the future may bring.

Creating that kind of succession program has been my mission for several years. I hired a brilliant right-hand man, Wayne Burritt, who first joined me at Weiss Research in 2003.

I transferred my trading and forecast acumen to artificial intelligence computer models, which Wayne has been using with me and will continue using in the future. I have worked diligently to share my knowledge and know-how with Martin and Wayne, as they have shared their deep thinking with me as well.

Today, I’m pleased to say “mission accomplished.” We are ready, no matter what might happen in the future. Martin, Wayne and my entire team have always done a wonderful job backing me up during my travels and vacations. They will do the same on my future journeys as well.

— Larry

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