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The debate everyone has been waiting for revealed the bias of the moderators and their secret agenda against Trump. The second most interesting exchange was between Christie and Paul. The so-called debate began with the leading question of asking candidates if they would pledge not to go a third party, which was clearly targeting Trump. When he raised his hand to say that he would not pledge that outcome, the moderators attacked, showing how biased they are. They even questioned how he could be on stage with the Republicans if he would not pledge to support the RNC’s choice. That question was blatantly designed to hurt Trump, as they claim a third party run would help Hillary, which is speculation in itself. They just exposed their own ignorance for they are too immersed in the mainstream press who want to keep everything as is. Trump is in the lead for being anti-establishment.

The only other notable exchange was between Christie and Rand Paul. Christie, a former prosecutor, justified tearing up the Bill of Rights because the NSA has to collect every phone call, to which Paul rebutted that probable of cause was required. To me, Christie revealed that he would be no different from Obama or Bush, as he would fully support gathering everything on everyone precisely as shown in “1984”.

Despite their attempts to politically assassinate Trump, the moderators failed to understand why he is so far ahead in the polls. If Trump were the Republican candidate, he would beat Hillary based upon polling right now. Nevertheless, the moderators will clearly not support Trump and have demanded that he pledge his support to a rigged election for the RNC candidate.

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