What Now For The Resource Sector


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My latest interview with Ellis Martin and our sponsor Excalibur Resources

What Now For The Resource Sector


In my latest interview with Ellis Martin we discuss the markets as well as some comments on my recent site tour to Excalibur Resources Candelaria property in Mexico. After our trip, the company issued a press release, which represents good news from our perspective, as they will begin using the stock tailings from past exploration to process in their mill allowing for fast revenues.

Listen to our interview here.

Read the press release here.


What Now For The Resource Sector

With the Feds decision yesterday NOT to Tapper, gold, silver and shares rocketed higher. But does this mean we should all be piling in the shares now or should we wait for further signs?


We believe investors should be cautious of this current spike in the resource sector and continue to wait before committing major new monies. On the charts, if gold can close above the previous August high of $1430-$1440, we should then be off to the races, but until then we continue to wait.


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Many interesting opportunities are seen in our warrant databases covering all of the stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada, around 200 in total.


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