Interactive Brokers | Stock Warrants

February 24, 2019 Dudley Pierce Baker       Interactive Brokers is my go-to brokerage firm as they will execute trades in the United States or Canada as well as other exchanges in the world. Many of the warrants trading on the resource companies and marijuana companies trade on either the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV) or the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). If I discover a warrant trading which is not yet in the Interactive Brokers system, I notify them and they add that warrant asap so that I and others can trade. If you are a U.S. investor you may find your brokerage firm will not allow you to trade the Canadian securities (unless they have a U.S. assigned symbol). Most of the Canadian shares will have a U.S. assigned symbol and perhaps 80% of the warrants have an assigned symbol facilitating trading in the United States. For me I don’t want worry about, will they or want they, handle my trades. I know there are other firms, i.e., PennTrade which also has a great system and allows for U.S. and Canadian trading. For more information on warrants, visit my website and download your Free copy of “The Stock Warrants Handbook, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants”. Good Trading, Dudley … Continue reading

PennTrade – A U.S. Broker For Canadian Shares & Warrants

February 7, 2017 By: Dudley Pierce Baker     I am glad to bring to your attention that PennTrade is now available for trading in the Canadian shares and stock warrants. If you are a U.S. Citizen and interested in trading the Canadian shares and/or stock warrants this news will be of great interest to you. It has long been an issue for U.S. Citizens on how to trade the Canadian securities using the Canadian symbols for shares and warrants. I had a long chat today with John Worrell who assures me that PennTrade is good to go and ready to execute our trades. You can get all of the information necessary to open an account, to commissions, etc on their website. PennTrade is now the online trading division of Paulson Investment Company, LLC. Founded in 1970 in Portland, Oregon, Paulson Investment Company earned national distinction as a premier boutique investment bank in the small to mid-cap market, leading 175 public and private offerings and raising over $1.2 billion in financing. Tell them Dudley sent you…. In full disclose here, there are a couple of other firms providing similar services:       Interactive Brokers – this is my personal brokerage firm at the present time. Fidelity Brokers – I have been told that if you have an account at Fidelity and quality to upgrade to their International StockTrading you can trade the Canadian securities.     More choices of brokerage firms is always a good issue so no longer … Continue reading

Stock Warrants & Interactive Brokers – An Update

  April 2, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker   Interactive Brokers and Stock Warrants We are updating our previous reporting in October 2015 Some investors are challenged to find a brokerage firm to execute their stock warrant trades so allow me to provide some education on the subject. Canadian Investors: As a Canadian investor you will have no problem in executing your trades for stock warrants trading on the Canadian resource companies through your Canadian brokerage account. United States Investors and other Countries Our previous brokerage firm suspended their operations in September 2015 and while they may return under another name soon with a similar platform to purchase the Canadian shares and stock warrants, there is no assurance this will happen and we must move forward. Accordingly we were forced to seek out another broker. For United States investors if maybe slightly more difficult depending on your personal brokerage firm to purchase the Canadian stock warrants. The facts are that many of the stock warrants trading in the PM sector are on Canadian companies. Those Canadian stock warrants have not and will not be registered in the United States, but U.S.investors can buy and sell them, but not exercise them (which we never recommend anyway).  In many cases, a U.S. market maker will establish a market for specific Canadian warrants and will assign a U.S. trading symbol (5 alpha characters ending in F) to facilitate trading in the U.S. We provide this symbol in our warrant databases, if available. For those Canadian stock warrants trading without a … Continue reading

Interactive Brokers and Stock Warrants

  October 29, 2015 Dudley Pierce Baker     Interactive Brokers and Stock Warrants Some investors are challenged to find a brokerage firm to execute their stock warrant trades. Our previous brokerage firm recently suspended their operations and we were forced to seek out another broker. We found that Interactive Brokers (IB) not only allows customers to trade stock warrants, but also stocks, futures and options all in one account. Canadian or U.S. stocks or stock warrants, no problem. I have moved my account to Interactive Brokers (IB) and encourage other investors or our subscribers to consider IB as well if your current broker is not providing the service you desire. We did our own due diligence to find a new brokerage firm, as should you, but we also like the fact that our friends at Casey Research also ranks IB at the top of the list of Online Brokerage Firms. You can read the Casey Special Report here. Making trading decisions is difficult enough without having to worry about whether your broker will execute a trade. Stop the worry and check out Interactive Brokers. Now that investors can feel confident in getting the stock warrant trades executed at very reasonable commissions and for U.S. as well as Canadian stock warrants, it is time for you to join us at http://CommonStockWarrants. and have access to our one of a kind database which includes all of the details and specifics on all of the stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada and for all industries and sectors, resources, bio-tech’s, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, financials, etc. Join … Continue reading