Kootenay Silver’s, Jim McDonald interviewed by Katusa Research at the Cambridge Investment Conference

March 1, 2017 Editors Note from Dudley Pierce Baker We have know Jim McDonald for several years and are investors in KTN and KTN.WT. This interview with Katusa Research gives a great insight as to their possible growth and expansion of silver resources. For other exciting opportunities visit my website, http://CommonStockWarrants.com   Kootenay Silver Inc.   … Continue reading

Marin Katusa Talks About Stock Warrants by Dudley Baker

October 18, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker http://CommonStockWarrants.com Marin Katusa of Katusa Research is the co-sponsor of The Silver and Gold Summit 2016 along with Cambridge House International on November 14 and 15 in San Francisco, California. Rarely do I see others writing about stock warrants so I was delighted when Marin went into detail describing the benefits as well as the potential risk factors with warrants. Most of the time investors will only hear about stock warrants at an investment conference, however, we do know that some of the big names in the business are knowledgeable in this area including David Morgan, Rick Rule, Bob Moriarty, Larry Edelson, Frank Holmes and others. Marin’s comments are here for your review: _________________________________________________________________________ Private Placement Warrants Vs. Trading Warrants Marin Katusa September 2016 The Secret to Making 1,000%+ in Natural Resources by Marin Katusa | “Private Placements” Private placements can make you 10, 20 even 50 times your money on a single investment. Despite their power, private placements are one of the most misunderstood financial vehicles on the planet. The Basics of Warrants When a company raises money in a private placement, it issues a “unit,” which consists of a share and a warrants. You know the basics of “shares.” They are ownership stakes in businesses. This section will cover the second part of private placement financings: warrants. Like many financial vehicles, warrants have some “moving parts” you need to understand in order to properly use them. Remember, a warrant is a contract … Continue reading

Why Gold Stocks Have 300%+ Upside From Here

Why Gold Stocks Have 300%+ Upside From Here September 30, 2016 By Marin Katusa If you think big gold stock gains are behind us, think again. Although gold stocks have climbed 100% off their late 2015 bottom, they have at least 200% upside from here. Owning gold stocks is still one of the smartest trades you can make right now. There are two simple reasons why gold stocks will most likely be much higher in a few years: Government insanity and leverage. I’ll start with the first reason, government insanity… I could just mention the first debate between Trump and Clinton and leave it at that. But I want to explain the importance of understanding the deranged fiscal policy of all the central bankers and how it has resulted in financial heroin Eight years ago, governments around the world faced a desperate situation. The world’s financial system was about to collapse. The response was extreme… and unprecedented in world history. For the first time ever, the world’s central banks acted in a concerted manner to create oceans of money and credit. Their agreed upon goal was to “paper over’ their debt problems. Trillions of new currency units in the form of U.S. dollars, Japanese yen, Chinese renminbi, Euros, and other currencies were created and borrowed. This monetary experiment is still going strong. Nobody, including Fed Chair Janet Yellen, know how it will turn out. However, not one government did a thing to confront the root problem. We have a global … Continue reading