Obama’s Administration Spied on Trump PERIOD?

Posted Apr 4, 2017 by Martin Armstrong As evidence exposes the Obama White House was spying on Trump, mainstream media is desperate to cover this up, but most importantly, this is feeding into the forecast of our model that we are looking and the decline and fall. Government is simply not trustworthy and as we see this affair will prove legally to be no different from Watergate and the Nixon scandal except this one goes all the way to the top. We are one step closer to undermining the system, which is critical to the collapse in public confidence. Hillary Clinton told a crowd in San Francisco:  “Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.” All the feedback I have been getting from the non-partisan observers confirm that the civil unrest is deliberately being orchestrated to prevent any reforms that Trump had promised. It is highly dangerous to engage such class warfare and I will be issuing a special report on this subject showing this is how the decline and fall always begins. George Soros is allegedly a lead funder in this movement. Even Hungary is trying to stop Soros who is funding what others allege are revolutions in Hungary and even Poland. I warned that reliable sources were putting the leadership role on attempting to undermine Trump squarely on Valerie Jarrett.  I further warned that Jarrett even moved in and was living with Obama turning his home into a political bunker to undermine the Trump Administration and feed civil unrest. Now Bloomberg is reporting that … Continue reading

Larry Edelson Died | By Martin Armstrong

Posted Mar 8, 2017 by Martin Armstrong Larry Edelson died. Larry was a student of the markets. We knew each other from the early 1980s. Larry often wrote that I was his mentor and he sought to follow in my footsteps as he always said. We had discussions about Larry joining our firm. Larry had stepped forward and tried to rent my company to keep the models going. The bankers, who controlled the entire case, wanted it shut down and Alan Cohen along with Tancred Schiavoni demanded if I did not turnover the source code, or they would fire everyone. They even put that in writing to Larry’s lawyer. Larry subsequently appeared in the movie – the Forecaster. Larry developed a serious health issue. He moved back to Florida to be near medical facilities in January 2016. Larry died on Thursday, March 2, 2017. There will be a memorial service for Larry on Saturday, March 25, 2017, at 6 p.m. in Connecticut at the Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation, 55 Bushy Hill Road, Simsbury, Nobody can ever fill the shoes of experience. When we die, that experience is lost forever. With time, a good student of the markets can just look at a chart and see if something will rise or fall. That is a talent one is hard pressed to hand off to another. So while the majority try to argue supply and demand or a host of other fundamentals, none of that stacks up to simply experience. We all … Continue reading

The Republican Debate on FOX News | Armstrong Economics

Posted on August 7, 2015 by Martin Armstrong The debate everyone has been waiting for revealed the bias of the moderators and their secret agenda against Trump. The second most interesting exchange was between Christie and Paul. The so-called debate began with the leading question of asking candidates if they would pledge not to go a third party, which was clearly targeting Trump. When he raised his hand to say that he would not pledge that outcome, the moderators attacked, showing how biased they are. They even questioned how he could be on stage with the Republicans if he would not pledge to support the RNC’s choice. That question was blatantly designed to hurt Trump, as they claim a third party run would help Hillary, which is speculation in itself. They just exposed their own ignorance for they are too immersed in the mainstream press who want to keep everything as is. Trump is in the lead for being anti-establishment. The only other notable exchange was between Christie and Rand Paul. Christie, a former prosecutor, justified tearing up the Bill of Rights because the NSA has to collect every phone call, to which Paul rebutted that probable of cause was required. To me, Christie revealed that he would be no different from Obama or Bush, as he would fully support gathering everything on everyone precisely as shown in “1984”. Despite their attempts to politically assassinate Trump, the moderators failed to understand why he is so far ahead in the polls. If Trump were the … Continue reading

Martin Armstrong – Gold Set To Rise To $5000.00

usawatchdog.com APRIL 13, 2015   Published on Apr 12, 2015 Renowned financial analyst Martin Armstrong says you can forget about the U.S. dollar crashing in value. Armstrong contends, “No, that’s absurd. The euro is in terrible shape. The yen is in terrible shape, and honestly, you can’t park money in yuan or Russian rubles, yet. I mean, let’s be realistic here, but eventually–yes.” Armstrong says the bond market is a different story as the Fed is going to be forced to raise rates. He contends just a few percentage points in rising rates are going to cause big losses and big changes. Armstrong predicts, “People will be losing huge money. We are looking at a few percentage points, and you are going to blow the national debts of all these countries way out of whack, and that’s what’s going to force political change.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics.com. … Continue reading

How to Run a Government for Dummies

February 2, 2015 Martin Armstrong COMMENT: My wife took our 4-year old Alex to the bank today to open a savings account for him with his piggy bank of about 10k baht ($333.00). The teller noticed he was half Thai and asked if he was American, to which she said he was both Thai and American. The teller: “We won’t open an account for him because we have to report him to the IRS.” So my wife said “open it as a trust account as a Thai citizen.” The teller: “Can’t do that. It’s evading U.S. regulations.” End result: Alex can’t open an account here. Amazing, simply amazing. REPLY: FATCA is the worst law perhaps in history. It is prejudicial to Americans and it is wiping out the world economy at an incredible speed. It is also forcing Americans to abandon international business and bring all money home even if they have never lived here. Another ex-pat lives in Switzerland for 20 years with her husband. When her parents died she went to the bank to ask them to manage her inheritance. Not only did they refuse to accept money from an American, they closed her local account. But these morons are only interested in hunting down money. They see only their self-interest and to hell with everything that was fundamental to creating the world economy we live in today post-WWII. The truly amazing problem is these clowns do not know how to run even a local mom & pop … Continue reading