Contrarian investor Rick Rule shares his winning strategies

Published by Resource World on July 5, 2017 Interview by Ellsworth Dickson As attendees of resource investor conferences know, Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., often speaks to standing room only crowds. His dynamic presentations usually go against the grain of the usual ways of looking at mining stocks. Resource World was fortunate to catch him for this interview as he is often on the road. RESOURCE WORLD: When you were attending the University of British Columbia, did you have a plan laid out for your career? RICK RULE: Yes – but I didn’t follow it. I wanted to become a taxation lawyer focused on natural resources. RW: Weren’t you studying mineral economics there? RR:         My interest was natural resource finance in mineral economics but I was in the faculty of commerce. My view was that UBC had a compound degree that gave you a Bachelor of Commerce and a law degree and so my initial idea was to become a lawyer specializing in international natural resource taxation. RW: What was your first job related to the resource sector? RR:         I had substantial success as a speculator. Owning a bar in the financial district of down-town Vancouver gave me unparalleled access to information. Building on that success, I became securities licensed. RW: I’ve heard you say to your audiences at presentations: “Be a contrarian or a victim.” Can you outline your contrarian philosophy and how investors can make it work for them? RR:         Absolutely! There’s no … Continue reading

Sunday Articles With Investing Ideas

For those resource investors, I present below the video links to the recent Cambridge House Writers Conference in Vancouver. See some of your favorite analyst and get their views of the markets. As a contrarian, this is obviously the time to be investing in the resource sector and the Dow and S&P 500 continue to trade near highs. My preference is to ‘play this game’ with the junior mining shares and/or stock warrants. However, many investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in other sectors, biotechs, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc. Remember that only 25% or so of my personal portfolio is in stock warrants, the balance are common shares in the junior mining companies and I am on the hunt for new additions to my portfolio. There are many interesting opportunities in stocks as well as the stock warrants available today, so if you not a current  subscriber, LET’S GET YOU STARTED NOW. The next several years, 2017 – 2020 will see some exciting times in the PM sector and I am looking to make a fortune. Do you want to follow me? Let’s have some fun and make money together. Recent Articles On Our Websites: International Metal Writers Conference – Video Of Conference Doug Casey on Crisis Investing in Brazil New Areas of High-Grade Uranium Mineralization Drilled in Athabasca Basin Stepout Drilling Reveals Uranium Expansion Opportunity in Athabasca Basin Deposit Gold & Gold Stocks Nearing a Big Move The Forgotten Depression of 1920–1921 When the “Fix” … Continue reading

SILVER-ZINC-LEAD: Bunker Hill Mine – Kellogg, ID

Editors note: Dudley Pierce Baker In 1979, I had the opportunity to spend an entire day underground at the Bunker Hill Mine in Kellogg, Idaho. It’s a long story, but I recall that I was on sight in August 1979 when silver was trading for around $9. Little did anyone know (except the Hunt’s) that silver would be trading at $50 just five months later. Wow, if only…….. I look forward to visiting with the management of Liberty Silver at the Cambridge Writers Conference this weekend, May 28 and 29 in Vancouver. May 17, 2017 by Canadian Mining Journal IDAHO – Toronto-based Liberty Silver Corp. has announced its intention to acquire the Bunker Hill silver-zinc-lead mine and smelting complex at Kellogg from Placer Mining Corp. The acquisition will include all mining rights and claims, surface rights, existing infrastructure at Milo Gulch, machinery and buildings at the Kellogg Tunnel portal level, as well as all  underground equipment and infrastructure. The acquisition would also include all current and historic data relating to the Bunker Hill mine complex, such as drill logs, reports, maps, and similar information located at the mine site or any other location. The price for the Bunker Hill assets is US$30 million. Liberty has already made a payment of US$150,000 and another US$3.5 million is due at closing. Half the total purchase price will be paid over five years in annual installments from the closing date of the deal. The balance, US$15 million, will become due in 15 equal … Continue reading

What I See Next For Gold and Silver

May 7, 2017 What I See Next For Gold and Silver Still lots of divergences in the markets with the Dow and S&P 500 trading at their all time highs and gold, silver and junior mining shares tanking. There is surely ‘something here’ for all investors and particularly for those interested in long-term stock warrants. If you need more information on stock warrants, I have just published “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants. You can get your FREE copy HERE. On May 28th and 29th, I will be attending the Cambridge House Writers Conference in Vancouver, CA. I will be available to answer your questions and will be sharing space with Ellis Martin of The Ellis Martin Reports. Complete details are HERE. Now back to gold and silver…… From the charts below I see that gold and silver are still holding above long-term support and both are either at are very near ‘oversold’ when looking at the technicals. I therefore, believe that we have either bottomed or will bottom very soon. On Friday, May 5th, we actually had shares as measured by the HUI above increase while gold and silver continued to decline, perhaps, just perhaps this is the sight of a bottom. Recent Articles On Our Websites: Receive “The Stock Warrant Handbook” FREE for a LIMITED Time Steven Leeb – Panic Selling Hits the Gold Market DOE Uranium Reduction Should Help Boost Market Compared to Silver and Platinum, Gold Is Getting Really Expensive Pretium Is … Continue reading

Kootenay Silver’s, Jim McDonald interviewed by Katusa Research at the Cambridge Investment Conference

March 1, 2017 Editors Note from Dudley Pierce Baker We have know Jim McDonald for several years and are investors in KTN and KTN.WT. This interview with Katusa Research gives a great insight as to their possible growth and expansion of silver resources. For other exciting opportunities visit my website,   Kootenay Silver Inc.   … Continue reading

Goldrunner: “DJIA:Gold Ratio Ready To Bust Lower As Gold Price Rises Aggressively” – Here’s Why

October 13, 2016   Gold is set in the “cycle” to rise very aggressively to start to price in the real extent of Dollar Supply increases to date, along with more that is coming. Thus, the DJIA:Gold Ratio is ready to bust lower as Gold busts up and out of the historic flag. Below is my rationale for such pricing action with supporting charts. Written by: Goldrunner Periodically through history (1930’s, 1970’s) the DJIA:Gold ratio has returned to an approximate 1:1 ratio at a steep bottom. The ratio topped in 2000, has completed its first wave down, and now has made a secondary top which we expect will lead to a long drop down toward the bottom of the long-term DJIA:Gold chart as seen below. We can see in the chart below that the ratio chart topped at the two red dotted lines in late 2015 as Gold bottomed. The ratio has now fallen below the thicker red dotted line and re-tested from the bottom. At that same re-test level, the Ratio met stiff moving average resistance. Thus, we expect the next move for the Ratio will be for price to fall away to the 1 area on the chart over the coming years- probably into 2024/ 2025. CURRENT DJIA:GOLD RATIO CHART We expect the DJIA to fall sharply in price like the 70’s, yet for much of the move down to be attributable to a very sharp rise in Gold. For instance, if Gold runs up to ~ $2,100 into 2017, … Continue reading

David Smith This Correction Is Painful but Exactly What Bulls Needed to Happen

Published on Oct 7, 2016 Read the full transcript here: David Smith, Senior Analyst at The Morgan Report and columnist gives precious metals investors some tremendously useful advice in the face of some difficult market action for gold and silver — and he also tells us why he believes 2017 will be the year that general public discovers gold and silver in a big way. … Continue reading

The Case for Natural Resource Equities

The Case for Natural Resource Equities September 23, 2016 By Frank Holmes CEO and Chief Investment Officer U.S. Global Investors This week I attended the Denver Gold Forum along with three other U.S. Global Investors representatives, including our resident precious metals expert Ralph Aldis. I was happy to see sentiment for gold way up compared to last year’s convention, as was turnout. I was also pleased to see Franco-Nevada, Silver Wheaton and Royal Gold in attendance, all of which I’ve written extensively about. One of the most interesting presentations was held by Northern Star Resources—the third biggest listed gold producer in Australia, a dividend payer and a longtime holding of USGI. I’ve always appreciated Northern Star’s insistence on being a business first, a mining company second. This shareholder-friendly mantra is reflected in its stellar performance. Compared to other companies in the NYSE ARCA Gold Miners Index (GDM), Northern Star is a sector leader in a number of factors, including five-year cash flow return on invested capital. Whereas the sector average is negative 1.6 percent over this period, Northern Star’s is a whopping 27 percent, the most of any other mining company in the GDM. This has helped it return an amazing 800 percent over the last five years as of September 23. Compare that to the GDM, which returned negative 56 percent over the same period. Australian gold miners as a whole trade at an impressive discount to North American producers, 5.7 times earnings versus 8.3 times earnings, according to … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report Editorial It’s Time to Buy Gold and Silver Stocks

March 21, 2016 Ellis Martin Reports Editors Comments: This is a fabulous rant by Ellis Martin on the gold and silver markets, an Ellis Martin that we have not heard before. Give it a listen asap and if you would like my assistance, please give my website, Dudley Pierce Baker, Founder-Editor … Continue reading

Stock Warrants Learning Center

February 25, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker Founder-Editor   Perhaps you have heard of stock warrants…. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the idea of stock warrants I would like to introduce you to my stock warrants learning center. Here you get the skinny on stock warrants, what they are, why you should consider them and how to buy them. There are currently around 200 stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada in all industries and sectors, including the resource sector, gaming, biotech’s, pharmaceutical’s, banking, autos, blank check companies and more. Believe me, there is something here for everyone. Of course, it all starts with finding a company which you like. Then you proceed to investigate whether that company has stock warrants trading. This is what I do in our database. I monitor all stock warrants which are trading and include them in our database. We include the complete details necessary for investors to make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase those stock warrants and top it off with our personal rating on each, i.e., undervalued, overvalued or fair value. Stock Warrants Learning Center Enjoy, Dudley Pierce Baker … Continue reading