The Warrant Report For The Week Ended July 16, 2021

Jeff and I have logged countless hours this week, verifying and cross-checking all information in our databases to ensure that not only do we have the most comprehensive database for stock warrants in the US and Canada, but, importantly, the data is correct.

We are both in agreement that anything, less than the best, is not acceptable and we will always strive for perfection and with all the tools that investors require and demand to be successful.

Check out this chart on Gold with Friday’s close of $1815, barely changed for the week on the Continuous Contract and is looking to break away to the upside.

Investors must make their own decision as to the short-term and long-term direction in gold, silver, mining shares, and the warrants trading on those shares but personally I as an investor believe we will be seeing substantially higher prices and I continue to seek out and buy those companies or warrants which I believe will be big winners. My personal portfolio is shared with my Gold and Lifetime subscribers.

Our services are available to assist investors with making money with stock warrants. Plain and simple, we provide you the information and tools and point you in the correct direction to capture awesome gains in this challenging market environment.

We have many subscribers who are following the SPACs and the SPAK is a good proxy for the overall SPAC market. You will notice that every time the RSI closes below 30, we are set up for a great move to the upside. WE ARE THERE ONCE AGAIN!! Very soon, I am expecting the sector to perform well and the warrants to possibly soar once again.

Our Services Include:
Silver Subscription – Database of all stock warrants trading in the U.S. and Canada including the SPACS and all resource companies
Gold Subscription – All of the Silver information plus, Dudley’s Weekly Audio, and access to Dudley’s Personal Portfolio (This follows primarily holdings in the mining space that has been the main focus through the years for Dudley)

Our subscribers have access at your fingertips, not only all of the particulars on the company and the warrants but also, fabulous charts, quotes, management details, and background of officers of every company.

Our SEARCH FEATURE and FILTERS continue to improve and provide investors, professional and everyday investors, powerful tools allowing subscribers to search from all of the data points in our system, which is everything you could ever imagine. If you find something not there, just let me know and we will do our best to add it to our system.

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Thanks for being with us on this amazing journey

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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