Trading your way to quick gains with a basket of warrants. (part 5 of 5)

Wrapping UP

**the examples and commentary given are for informational purposes only and as with any investment decisions you are encouraged to do your own due diligence and consult your licensed investment advisor**

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In the previous articles in this series, there was a demonstration of the leverage capabilities within a basket of warrants and the potential methodology for a retail investor to implement to utilize stock warrants as a viable component of their portfolio. We discussed some of the most important aspects regarding entry and exit as well as exercise prices and their relationship to our selections. We looked at charts of comparison between the common shares and warrants and discussed the individual’s decision to exit when situations seem too good to be true. With the following list now in the rear-view mirror, how did our 3000.00 initial investment perform?

NFINW Netfin Acquisition Corp $1.08 1.47 36.11%
TOTAW Tottenham Acquisition I Limited $0.19 0.42 121.05%
SAQNW Software Acquisition Group Inc $0.97 1.15 18.56%
KCAC.WS Kensington Capital Acquisition $0.8956 6.3 603.44%
CFFAW CF Finance Acquisition Corp $0.95 1.01 6.32%
FPAC.WS Far Point Acquisition Corporation $0.93 0.78 -16.13%
SOAC.WS Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp. $0.8999 1.31 45.57%
FTACW Federal Street Acquisition Corp III $1.45 1.61 11.03%
NBACW Newborn Acquisition Corp $0.138899 0.1459 5.04%
ALACW Alberton Acquisition Corp $0.09 0.2 122.22%

The results show that the return across the basket is 95.32% with the original 3000.00 now being worth $5,859.65 upon exit from the positions at the close of 10 days

Before finishing, I want to mention that subscribers to our services have not been given this information as it is still at the end stage of development. They will be the first to receive the working set of indicators when experimentation of the methodology has concluded. This article finale was put on hold to run the workflow and produce the next “list” which at the time of this writing has 8 of the 10 up for the day while the markets are taking a hit. This is further indication that the concept of diversity through this basket has protected our portfolio through the consecutive down cycles from Thursday through the long weekend and again on the open today September 8, 2020.

Caution is urged with trying to implement this methodology, while I fully intend to offer this in a specific fashion in the future, there are several aspects to consider before attempting on your own. I have had a ridiculous amount of programming experience that goes back to DOS 3.3 and recently completed graduate level material in classes ranging from Advanced Python to Integrating Earth Science data with Quantum Processing. These are not simplistic workflows and minor variations can cause wild swings that must be corrected for. Most individuals would have to have an intimate knowledge of several hundred warrants to produce the results you are seeing along with a working use of Calculus, Integration, Economics and Finance. These are exciting results and they are being reproduced but it is not an arbitrary selection and if done incorrectly could cause unseen consequences.

Look for me in the future to do individual and series related articles as this methodology is hard-coded for consumption, Thanks for taking your time to make it to the end.

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